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Welcome to the Viridor Credits website

Viridor Credits funds community, heritage and biodiversity projects through the Landfill Communities Fund and Scottish Landfill Communties Fund.

Funding in Hampshire 

Following the closure of Viridor's Squabb Wood landfill site, Viridor Credits will no longer be able to fund projects in Hampshire.

Funding in Cornwall and Dorset 

Due to the temporary closure of Lean Quarry and Trigon, Viridor Credits will be accepting applications in Cornwall and Dorset up to £20,000 only. This takes effect from 26 July 2017.

Click HERE for our most up-to-date closing dates for 2017.

Coalshaw Skate Park
Coalshaw Skate Park

Kids in Coalshaw get their skates on

More About Coalshaw Skate Park

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To find out if you are eligible for funding in England and Wales please enter your postcode into the search. If applying for biodiversity, through PEF or in Scotland click here.

Latest News

July 07 2017
Funding reduced in Cornwall and Dorset

Due to the temporary closure of Lean Quarry (Cornwall) and Trigon (Dorset) to waste, applicants will not be able to apply for more than £20.000 in these areas, starting from 26 July 2017. Please vis…

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June 23 2017
The Board visits Scotland

In June, the Viridor Credits Board visited Scotland to meet some of our Scottish Landfill Communities Fund applicants and see the difference that the scheme makes to communties in Scotland. The Boar…

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