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Viridor Credits provides funding for a huge range of projects and will consider eligible applications on their merits and in light of the funding available. In general, a project needs to be located within 10 miles of a Viridor Landfill Site or within 10 miles of the Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF) at Bolton, Cardiff, Exeter & Runcorn and also be within 10 miles of a permitted Landfill site.  Applications for projects located within 10 miles of a Viridor Landill Site can fall under the provision of one of the categories listed below.

  • Community - Provision or maintenance of public amenities;

  • Conservation - Promotion of biological diversity through:

    • the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of a natural habitat, or

    • the maintenance or recovery of a species or its habitat on land or water;

  • Heritage - Maintenance, restoration or renovation of structures of historical or architectural importance or those used for religious worship, provided they offer public access.

*Only applications for funding for Community projects up £20,000 will be considered in the ERF funding zones.


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New Funding Model

We are changing our funding model. We are introducing three bands of funding to make it easier for our applicants to choose the scheme that best suits their ambitions. Please click here to find out about the new bands.


Please click here for more information on eligibility.

Closing Dates

Please click here for information about our closing dates for applications for 2015.

On-line Applications 

We are pleased to announce that we will be accepting on-line applications via our website from Wednesday 1st April. We will continue to accept paper applications for the months of April and May. From the beginning of June, we will accept      on-line applications only.   

Contributing Third Party Payments

Please click here for an explanation of the Contributing Third Party payment.

Application Form & Guidance Notes

If you have already confirmed that your project is in an area eligible for funding, and that your project is eligible for LCF funding, please click here to download the Guidance Notes and an Application Form.

Assessment of Applications

Applications are scored using several criteria, details of which can be found by clicking here.

Other Sources of Funding

Information about other funding organisations can be found by visiting Funding Central.


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