New Application Form

Please click on the link below to begin Stage 1 of our application form. Please note that, if you haven't already set up an account with Viridor Credits, you will be asked to set one up here. This account allows you to access your application and it is through this account that you will be contacted regarding the progress of your application. If you already have an account with our new system, please log in as normal.

If you are applying for a biodiversity project, we will advise you if your postcode is in an area that qualifies for funding once you have completed Stage 1.

Applications from ERF-only areas and for the Pennon Environmental Fund are eligible for Small Grants Scheme grants only.

In order to help you with your enquiry efficiently, it is important that you answer every question.

Once you have successfully submitted your Stage 1 application, one of our Grants Officers will be in contact with you regarding the eligibilty of your project and the next stage.

Please click the link below to start your application.


If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact a Grants Officer on 01823 476476.