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Small Grants Scheme

The Small Grants scheme is for Community, Heritage or Biodiversity projects in England and Wales that require up to £20,000 from Viridor Credits.

Small Grant applications are considered by our regional Steering Groups and must start drawing down funding within three months of the date of Offer Letter and complete draw down within six months.

Viridor Credits supports Community and Heritage Small Grants projects located within 10 miles of an active Viridor Landfill site or within 10 miles of the Viridor Energy Recovery Facilities located in Peterborough, Bolton, Cardiff, Exeter, Oxfordshire and Runcorn.

Biodiversity projects must be located within 10 miles of any licenced landfill site.

How do I apply?

Check the availability of funding in your area by using our Postcode Checker  and submit your Expression of Interest Form to the Applications & Administration Assistant. You will receive a response within five working days confirming whether your project meets Viridor Credits' Eligibility Criteria.

Once you have received confirmation of eligibility from Viridor Credits, please read the Guidance Notes for Applicants prior to completing the online application form. A step-by-step guide to the application form is also available by request. 

You will need to complete a project budget document which must be uploaded to your online application.

Due to the short timescales of this scheme, any permissions relating to the project works, such as planning permission or faculty, must be in place prior to application to the Small Grants Scheme. 

Application Forms

You are advised to follow the steps above prior to applying for funding.

To apply to the Small Grant Scheme for funding for a Community or Heritage project, or to continue an application you have started, click here.

To apply to the Small Grant Scheme for funding for a Biodiversity project, or to continue an application you have started, click here.

Incomplete Application Forms

Please be aware that we are unable to consider incomplete applications. Therefore please ensure that you are in a position to provide all the required information before submitting your application to us. Incomplete applications will be declined. Viridor Credits has the policy of not reconsidering previously declined elements. If you require advice in order to fully complete your application, please contact Sophie Norman, our Applications & Administration Assistant, who will be able to advise you - Tel: 01823 476476.