Theatre Funding Takes Centre Stage

Over the last year, Viridor Credits has funded improvements to several theatres around the country, helping communities to access high-quality theatre wherever they are in the UK.

Among the highest profile theatres is The Bush Theatre, which has under-gone a multi-million pound redevelopment in order to improve facilities for the public and increase its outreach work. Viridor Credits contributed to the new entrance and piazza. Following the refurbishment, the theatre was nominated for theatre building of the year in The Stage Awards.


Photo: Philip Vile.

In Cornwall, two theatres have benefited from the Landfill Communities Fund: Prim-RAF theatre in Callington and Sterts Theatre near Liskeard.

Prim-RAF theatre approached Viridor Credits for repairs to the roof in 2016, and again in 2017 to create a community space and bar on the ground floor for theatre users as well as the wider community. This new space will be open during town festivals and for coffee mornings, as well as refreshing patrons of the theatre.


Sterts Theatre, an outdoor space covered with a giant canvas, will benefit from improved lighting and backstage areas, improving the comfort of performers and providing a better experience for theatre-goers. Sterts also provides a café and community rooms for casual hire and outreach.


Finally, in the North of England, Contact Theatre in Manchester is improving access to its building by installing a new staircase to its upper floors. This will enhance the visitor experience and eliminate confusion of navigating a convoluted and currently confusing layout. The new staircase will also provide a single point of access to the upper floors for people of all mobility needs.