• Bucknell Playing Field

Bucknell Playing Field, Oxfordshire

The common conception of rural communities is that of a peaceful idyll. Whilst this may be true for the adults that choose to live rurally, for children, rural areas can be devoid of activities and often dangerous, with fast trunk roads and inaccessible agricultural land.

This is the cause of the phenomenon of "Play Deprivation", where children are deprived of experiences that are essential to their development. In the village of Bucknell, an extensive survey and consultation day identified the need for greater provision for young cyclists, teenagers and adolescents.

As a result of this consultation, Bucknell Playing Field Association created the Whiz 'n Wheels project, designed to include children of all ages and meet the needs of the young population.

This has seen the installation of improved footballing facilities, such as the provision of a second goal, a zip-line for co-operative play, a shelter for teenagers to socialise in all weathers and improved cycling facilities.

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