Wells Connect Centre receives funding from Viridor Credits

Thanks to essential funding received from Viridor Credits, the team at the Connect Centre on Portway, Wells, is delighted to be able to carry out essential repairs and upgrades to the roof on their Community building.

The building, originally part of Wells Blue School and had been vacant for many years before the Connect Centre moved in, was in desperate need of repair and the roof was becoming increasingly fragile and weather worn.  The Centre was combating leaks and damp which was impacting on their capacity to offer the building as place for community use.

Sharon Edmonds, Connect Centre Co-ordinator, said “We are so excited that our roof is now being repaired thanks to the funding received from Viridor Credits.  We will be able to redecorate the interior of the Centre to make it more welcoming and reflect our wish to offer a quality Community Space.  We welcome so many people through our front doors every week and many of our Community Projects are based here at the Centre so it’s essential that it’s fit for purpose.

Thanks to the roof repairs we will also be able to have solar panels installed which will not only help with the running costs of the Centre but also dramatically reduce our environmental impact, something we are really passionate about.”