Kilnhurst Ings Nature Reserve, Rotherham

Kilnhurst Ings is an area of water meadow, with industrial areas at one end, new housing and a railway line on another side and the River Don with flood defences on the other. Wet scrapes and channels have already been created to attract target species of snipe and lapwing. But this area is vulnerable to grazing by cattle, necessary but uncontrolled at present and also dogs running off the lead. Ground nesting birds are therefore very vulnerable. Sheffield Wildlife Trust approached Viridor Credits to fund fencing
to manage grazing in this central area and a few other sections around the edge of the reserve. New stock proof fencing, fencing crossings, field gates and kissing gates have been installed to achieve the aims of the Trust.

A total of 1441m of post and wire fencing  has been installed, along with five new wooden field gates and five metal kissing gates.