Scottish Landfill Communities Fund

The Scottish Landfill Communities Fund (SLCF) is for projects that require up to £25,000 from Viridor Credits.

The total project cost may not exceed £100,000, and the applicant organisation must not have received an award from Viridor Credits for the same facility in the last 12 months.

Viridor Credits supports Community, Heritage and Biodiversity projects located within 10 miles of any active Landfill site or transfer station accepting 2,500 tonnes of waste.

Applications to Viridor Credits must be for distinct, whole projects and may be part of a phase of works of a larger project. However, Viridor Credits will not consider applications for phases of projects that are not distinct from a larger project.

How do I apply?

Download our SLCF guidance notes.

Access our online application system and complete the Stage One Application Form. You will receive a response within five working days confirming whether your project meets Viridor Credits' Eligibility Criteria.

Once you have received confirmation of eligibility from Viridor Credits, please read the Guidance Notes for Applicants prior to completing Stage Two of the online application form. The Stage Two application must be received by the closing date to be considered for the next meeting.

Objects A, B & F (Land Restoration, Recycling and approved body Services)

To apply for funding under objects A, B & F, please call 01823 476476 to discuss your application. Projects under objects A, B and F can be located anywhere in Scotland.

Objects C D & E (Community, Heritage and Biodiversity)

To start the application process, or to continue an application you have started, please click here.

Incomplete Application Forms

Please be aware that we are unable to consider incomplete applications. Therefore please ensure that you are in a position to provide all the required information before submitting your application to us. Incomplete applications will be declined. Viridor Credits will not consider previously-declined elements.